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Salwa Meghjee is a writer originally from Orlando, Florida. Currently, she is an MFA student in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University’s School of Communications, and teaches Introduction to Screenwriting in the Radio, Television, and Film department.

Interested in creating within many disciplines, Salwa has written a number of plays, short films, television scripts, articles, mental health resources, and odes to her cats. Among other projects, she has written a column on mental illness for the newspaper The Daily Californian, a short film Love Letters featured in QWOCMAP’s Summer 2021 festival, and, with her twin sister Samah, a short film Therapist Speed Dating that had a limited premiere on Amazon Prime Video, and a children’s play The Mysterious Mystery of the Lost Letters published by Brooklyn Publishers.

Salwa graduated with high honors with a Bachelor of Arts in English and minors in Theatre and Creative Writing from the University of California, Berkeley in 2020. While at Berkeley she founded and ran The Golden Theatre Company and curated the show Front Row at Cal Performances theatre, and wrote and directed Bear Pact, a play that 7,000 new UC Berkeley students watch every year on mental health, substance use, and sexual violence.

In her free time, she loves baking blueberry pie, playing with her cats Dipper and Mabel, and crocheting hats.

Selected Publications


The Mysterious Mystery of the Lost Letters (Brooklyn Publishers, 2016)


Love Letters (Campus Movie Fest, 2019)

INTAKE: HAWAII SURVIVAL Season Three Auditions (Campus Movie Fest, 2019)


Therapist Speed Dating (Amazon Prime Video/Campus Movie Fest, 2019)


LGBTQ Issues

How A.B.O. Comix is amplifying the voices of LGBTQ prisoners (Horizons Foundation, 2022)

Proudly preserving transgender history: A look at the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive (Horizons Foundation, 2022)

A Lifeline for Trans Men of Color (Horizons Foundation, 2022)


Mental Health

Unwellbutrin: Taking Medication for Mental Illness (Caliber Magazine, 2019)

Let’s Unpack That: The Patient-Therapist Relationship (The Daily Californian, 2019)

It doesn’t get better (and then, it does) (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Breaking up with my psychiatrist (The Daily Californian, 2019)


Not sick enough (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Dear therapy, we have our ups and down, but I love you (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Accessibility is a right, not a privilege (The Daily Californian, 2019)

The lonely generation (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Stick it to stigma (The Daily Californian, 2019)

The thing that almost worked (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Talk Therapy (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Time loss (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Depression hurts (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Beating the winter blues (The Daily Californian, 2019)

Change runs on Berkeley Time (The Daily Californian, 2019)




Making the Opportunity: Theatre as a Place of Belonging (Breaking Character Magazine, Dramatics Magazine, 2016)

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