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Salwa Meghjee is a writer originally from Orlando, Florida. She holds an MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University, and a BA in English from UC Berkeley.

Interested in creating within many disciplines, Salwa has written a number of plays, short films, television scripts, articles, mental health resources, and odes to her cats. Among other projects, she has written a column on mental illness for the newspaper The Daily Californian, a short film Love Letters featured in QWOCMAP’s Summer 2021 festival, and, with her twin sister Samah, a short film Therapist Speed Dating that had a limited premiere on Amazon Prime Video, and a children’s play The Mysterious Mystery of the Lost Letters published by Brooklyn Publishers.

Salwa's plays include U-Haul Mesbians (2023 O’Neill National Musical Theater Conference Semi-Finalist), Word Play (reading, The Once and Future Festival), and Ender's Gay (reading, The Understudy Coffee and Books, 2023). 

Salwa loves cats, middle grade literature, flowers, and the color blue.  

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